Thursday, 5 January 2012

Free Red Dress!

Hey Guys! Its Gigglelygoo, the new blogger, and this is my first Post :] Im Going to be adding a Dress that hasn't been on this topic yet! sorry we posted this dress abit too late!
Free Dazzling Party Dress!
If you are from the Uk Please Click Here :]
If you are not from the Uk Then Follow these Steps!
Go to a prxy Like Or Or
Then put in the Proxies URL box
Then Click go , or just press enter on your keyboard.
Stardoll will come up, just log in
Now paste this link in the Proxies URL box:

Click go or press enter on your keyboard, then wait for the page to load...
then log out of stardoll and leave the proxy!Go to stardoll and log in, you should have the dress in your suite in a bag x]

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