Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Free Superstar Membership for 24 hours!

Want Superstar Membership for 24 hours?
Well all you have to do is is log into stardoll.
After that, put this link into your URL box :


When the page loads just scroll down slowly until you see Paper notes with numbers 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7!

Every Number has a Question, Answer it correctly Other wise you wont get your Free superstar AND do them in order :]
Just Click On the Number and a pop-up will Come Up with the Question and answers.
Here are the Answers to the Questions!

N.1 Question +Answer:

And then you win a prize!

Awncer and Question to N.2!
Click Answer Then this will come up...

 Question + Answer to N.3
Then click answer

N.4 Answer!

Click Answer..

Answer to N.5
click Answer...

Answer to N.6
Click Awnser...

Number 7 has a Superstar symbol on it...
Lets Try it out...

Another Question...

And Click Awnser.....!!!!


And there you go! :D
Hope you enjoy it :)


  1. urgh! can you at least tell is the features? i can't do anything!

  2. Very good ,and i also recommend an article,what is icariin .

  3. It wont let me it keeps making me go to the cover (home page) of stardoll every time it put in the URL. Ugh ! =(

  4. wont work
    but visit my suite my stardoll name is glimmerdrop and please rate my
    suite and leave comments

  5. http://stuffpoint.com/index.php?r=30150
    join this site for free superstar membership and stardoll gift cards and many more just simply by earning some points :D

  6. doesnt work but idc, as long i can still have my account

  7. where is the url box? cant find it

  8. Hi Bad news bitch its not work! please i never seen a biggest liar

  9. Wow if you take a second to look at the date, it was frickin 2 years ago, of course it doesnt work no more, and no its not really bad new to me, more like bad news to you for being god damn late of getting free superstar membership.