Friday, 25 April 2014

Hey Stardoll Users! (Sorry haven't been on in like.. 2 years!

Hey Stardoll users just wanted to say sorry i haven't been on in over 2 years ! i just haven't really had the time to upload new posts and life is getting more and more Hectic! Anyway i still use stardoll (username: Gigglelygoo) and i will hopefully be more active and upload more Free items, cheats etc which ACTUALLY WORK, as if you know all the ones on my blog now have been deleted/stopped working (sorry for that) and also my blog was originally about MSW (Miss Stardoll world) if you haven't yet - please join the club MSW_2012 on stardoll, it should be a link on the side of the blog somewhere >> i will update on that too, its actually getting big so thanks to all my members! so yeah this is gigglelygoo saying im back and staying! (hopefully) Check back soon and i should be up to date with new cool stuff ! thanks for reading and also still visiting this blog after its been abandoned for more than 2 years! ( sorry to all those stardoll users who missed the past cheats, i got alot of users on stardoll messaging me saying they are fake/don't work when honestly stardoll took them down).  Thanks and check Back! - Gigglelygoo :)

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