Saturday, 19 November 2011

Free Barbie Fashion Coat (Sparkly) + Dog

Free Barbie Fashion Coat!
If your from the Uk Click Here to get the Coat! (join the club)
If your not from the UK Then go to a Proxy Like 
Or Or 
Then type in the proxy URL box then click go or press enter on your key board.
Log in then delete all link in the URL box and put this in:
Then click enter, wait for the page to load then it will automatically join you to the club.
log out then leave the proxy stardoll and go to the real stardoll,
it will be in your suite! :D
For the dog just do the whole thing the same but do this link in the proxy instead of the club one. 
wait for the page to load and watch the video.
if your from the UK just click here.

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