Thursday, 3 November 2011

What All the MSW have the Same... tips!!

Im Going to Show you what all the MSW winners have got in common.... This Will Help You By The Look of your Doll! i am going to tell you what they have the same on there Face, what kind of makeup and what kind of hair and accessorizes. 

1st MSW! 2O1O

2nd MSW 2O11

What They Have in Common:
.Very Pale Skin
.Starpoint Hair
.Same Lips
.Same Lip Colour and Cover
.Both Wear Black and White Makeup Round the eyes
.Got Blusher On
.Same nose
.Same Eyes and Colour!

Make-up used will come up soon! As you Can See, they have soft colours and Earned Hair. Starpoints Will Be Added Soon too! 

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