Thursday, 10 November 2011

Free Pink Sparkly Barbie Dress!

Free Barbie Dress!
Go to a Proxy Like Or 
Then In The URL Box just Type in
Click browse/go or press enter on your keyboard!
Log In Stardoll
Then After You Logged in Go to your Page, Scroll all the way down the page until it stops! then Scoll To the RIGHT side and youwill see the first Barbie doll! Click on it :)
To Find The Second Doll just Put this link in the Proxies URL Box then scroll down the whole page then scroll Right! there should be a doll, click on it :)
To Find the Third Doll Go to your Messeges And scroll down and then scroll to the right :) Then Click on the Doll :D
The Last Doll which is really hard to see just go to the Search Bar And Click In it like your going to type something, when you do, dont type nothing and click the enter bar Or Search. When you done that, scroll down and stop at the second to last Row Of stardolls, Move you mouse to the left On That Row put your mouse on the side of the computer, a hand will replace the mouse which means there is a item so then click!!!! Then You Have found all of the dollies :) leave the proy and it should be in your suite :D

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