Friday, 4 November 2011

Ten Tips Of How To Get Lots Of Votes To Be MSW!

How to get votes!
the Guide to get lots of votes :)
Tell your friends on Stardoll! (Like very close friends)
Poste it on popular places in Gbs like clubs and CG and NCG places
Say You will vote Back Only if they Vote you!
Be a very kind person and tell people to vote you, be very kindto stardolls and tell them its your dream!
Say things like "Your One click Can Change someones life"Or Your One click Can make a Dream Come True!
Make You doll very pretty and save it in your best room in best clothes and do a big sign on Presentation Saying VOTE ME.
You could Give out presents if you go through to the finals, you could always say that, but if you do then you have to do what you said.
Vote someone and tell them on there presentation that you voted them and they should vote you.
Tell someone to vote you Everyday!
Make parties, clubs and sceneries e.t.c to Vote YOU.
And those are the ten tips to get lots of votes :)

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